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Best Root apps

Best Root apps

"Best apps for rooted Phones"this is something which we Root Tricks is going to share with you.So we are sharing the best collection of best rooted apps which will increase the true potential of your Android rooted device.So guys lets start basically that "What is root" and "what to do after rooting".

What is root?
Rooting your phone creates a pathway in your phone system which is accesseble by you.And you can modify your phone,even you can change system files.Rooting gives you root previleges by which you can use special rooted apps.

What to do After rooting your phone?

After rooting your phone you can use special root apps in your phone,Which we are sharing today.I will mention Some best rooted apps.So without wasting any time Lets move to collection of Best rooted apps.

(1)Xposed installer 

Xposed Installer is one of best rooted app of 2015.This is an app which is equal to rooting your phone. This app installs the internal binary to your phone which can changeyou notification bar looks, your settings, apply themes to your rom and change almost anything on your phone. Though, this is best root app, but still this app is available for free from the Google Play Store.No wonder this app is one of best root apps for rooted android mobiles 2015.


Greenify is best root app , which every rooted android mobile must have installed in it.When, we talk about best root apps, than its not possible to forget this app. This app can hibernate apps, which are running in background uselessly withoutany purpose and simply eating battery life of your device as well as its performance.

(3)Gravity Box

Gravity box is the best rooted app, whowant to customize their phone and move it to next level. Gravity Box is basically one of best root app which can work only when Xposed Installer is working.This app requires Xposed installer installed. It can make changes to you phone buttons, add navigation bar, change the notification bar, change lock screen, add wallpaper to lock screen and many more awesome things and have a try.

(4)Battery Calibration

Battery calibration is the best app for which has root permissions enabled in their android mobile.After some time, your system creates a battery stats.bin file which decreases the battery backup.Calibrating it deletes that file and you have now awesome battery backup. This app is life saver app to increase the battery life of android mobile without doing any kind of hardwork as resets battery charging cycle of android mobile.

(5)Titanium Backup

Titaniun Backup is one of best root app which can be used to do multiple things.Its also one of must have android app, if you experiments with your phone most of the time, than you cant afford to miss this app, as this app will simply create backup of your APK as well ofits data also. It Can backup and restore app data alongwith apk.It can change android Id as well.Its a great app.

(6)Freedom app

Freedom is best root app for rooted android device and is added recently in list oftop root apps2015.You can use this app to increase number of coins or it can be used to increase number of keys and for purchasing Paid apps for Free.. In other words, this application can be used to bypass Play Store in app purchases which is one of major reason toroot android mobile


This is an alternative to Superuser that helps you to keep track of which apps you’ve granted root permissions to. It saves you from having to grant them again by doing it automatically when the app runs. You can get an at-a-glance overview of what permissions you’ve granted and it logs how often they’re requesting root access. The Pro version gives you some extras like PIN protection .

(8)Donkey Guard

DonkeyGuard is an app which allows you a fine-grained tuning of access to your private data. It currently supports 41 restrictions which can be applied for every application. Specifically, it is a Privacy service provider which implements a set of modifications to the Android Framework to allow you to interact with applications which are trying to access your private data.

(9)Rom Toolbox

If you want to save yourself some time, and potentially some money, then you might opt for this all-in-one package that combines a host of handy root apps. It covers ROM and app management, scripting and start up, CPU and memory management, and a lot more. You’ll find apps like Build Prop Editor, SetCPU,Terminal Emulator, and Titanium Backup in here.Try it once for sure.

(10)Disk digger[undelete your deleted files]

Disk Digger is one of best rootapp for your rooted android mobile which you can use once you root your android mobile. This app can restore file which you have deleted bymistake. The best part is that the file which is recovered can be sent via mail, FTP or local client easily without any problem. The free version of this app is limited to recover photos only. You can remove these limitations by buying the Pro version.


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